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Nini Maluks is described as one of the most versatile music producers and artists.

From Giyani in Limpopo Province, and now based in Johannesburg, Nini Maluks (real name Wisani Maluleke) has been described by many people as one of the most versatile music producers, who is able to put different interpretations to his music. Apart from being a producer, for which he is well-known, he is also known for his innovative live electronic music performances (LEMP) that pushes the limits of live electronic music by implementing his own customized performance system in his shows. His set up offers him a great deal of versatility and control in the live arena, featuring a mixture of MIDI controllers, keyboards, outboard synths and drum machines, samplers and electronic drum pads.

Nini Maluks is the founder of an independent record label, Laminar Wavy Records. The birth of Laminar Wavy Records was the inevitable result of Nini's vision to express his music with passion and diligence. Over recent years Nini Maluks has released 7 extended plays (EPs) under Laminar Wavy Records, ”Won't Forget You EP (2013)”; “Music Donor EP (2013)”; “How Long EP (2014)”; “For Souls to Soar EP (2015)”; “Benevolence (2015)”;  “Cardiac Invasion (2016)” and “Latitude (2018)”. The highly anticipated “Won’t Forget You” 12” vinyl release is finally coming out in 2019.

While growing up Nini did not have all the resources needed to learn about music production but that did not stop him from following his passion. Fortunately in his early years of his creative development he had friends with access to resources such as keyboards and recording facilities and they would assist him to put his music ideas together. He produced the first instrumental track of his own song at the age of 14 after one of his family friends left a keyboard at his home in Giyani.

Nini Maluks started his career as a DJ around 2000 when he was pursuing Chemical Engineering degree at the University of Cape Town. He then started to make a collection of variety of music on vinyls after which he joined UCT Radio where he was offered him his own radio show on the station. He also enjoyed phenomenal success as the station’s resident DJ on one of the afternoon drive shows. Although Nini Maluks enjoyed being in the DJ booth, the passion to take his music production to new heights was fiery.  This propelled him to move back into production and became more focused on the aspect of music production and recording. He also learned to play percussions and drums. All this was self-taught and was an indication that Nini was working towards depicting the musical dream that lay deep within his heart and soul. In the process of learning the value of following his passion in music, Nini knew that education was imperative. He holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cape Town.

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“Nini Maluks’ enthusiasm always propels him to strive for consistency in his music production as he believes that almost all success comes from this. This obviously requires time, patience and a ton of discipline.”


Nini Maluks is also well-known as one of the most innovative live electronic music act.

Nini Maluks decided to embrace and invest in live electronic music performance from 2015. Whether live solo performance or in collaboration with other musicians, his live performance really shows how fast it is to start from nothing and build a full arrangement. Each song is created on the spot - composed, improvised, remixed, transitioned and live, on the fly. It is all manipulated to achieve a spontaneous creative flow in a live situation.

"Live electronic music performance (LEMP) is one of the greatest risks I have taken in my music career as it requires me to be mentally strong, technically sound and able to compose, play and remix spontaneously in order to drive a live scene. Segueing from one track to the next during a live performance is not easy but I love it. I enjoy the thrill of producing while people listen and dance" Nini says. Nini has learned to select, juxtapose and present the music to an audience in an engaging way, depicting a strong ability to time transitions, building suspense and create a memorable atmosphere.

Intrigued by his music, production style and live electronic music shows, Nini has been invited to do live performances and interviews on prominent radio station including Kaya FM, Metro FM and Power FM. When performing live, Nini strives to touch the deep layers of his creative space to fuse several genres including funk, broken beats, house music, soul, afro-beats and electro. Nini Maluks’ productions transmits a mixture of what he interprets as a combination of soulful house, broken beat, lounge, deep house and jazz genres. His enthusiasm always propels him to strive for consistency in his music production as he believes that almost all success comes from this. This obviously requires time, patience and a ton of discipline. Unique to his music is the arrangement of percussions and drums which point to his background as a percussionist and drummer.

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